The CERES Search and Subsetting web application enables a more sophisticated approach to selecting and ordering CERES global survey standard data by date, time and geolocation.

We highly encourage that you send us your feedback using the URL at the bottom of the page; every bit of feedback will allow us to address issues and add enhancements in future releases.

This web application is a collaborative effort of the CERES and ASDC Data Management Teams.

Minimum Requirements

Supported Web Browsers

This web application was developed and optimized for modern HTML4/JavaScript/CSS-enabled web browsers. The following browsers are known to work with this web application:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
    • Note: After you login, you may receive a popup security warning message that will state "Only secure content is displayed". If you exit the popup, the map will not appear on the subsequent page and may make it difficult for you to select geographic ranges. If you select Show all content, the map will be visible. (This popup appears because the map on the following page is delivered via nonSSL while the rest of the content on the page is delivered via SSL.) Please use your own discretion when addressing the popup.
  • Safari 3+
  • Chrome 9+
  • Firefox 3.6+
    • Note: Due to an issue with earlier versions, the calendar date selection may not work properly for Firefox 20 or earlier. For full functionality, please upgrade to Firefox 21.
  • Opera 9.6+
  • iCab 4.8+
  • OmniWeb 5

Internet Explorer 8+ is supported. IE versions less than 8 do not fully support CSS and JavaScript standards. Using such versions may lead to quirky browser behavior. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for these browsers.

Other HTML4 browsers with JavaScript and CSS may work, but cannot be guaranteed at this time. Please check this web site for future updates on improvements and revisions.

Account Login Required

Access to the application web site requires that users login with an EOSDIS Earthdata Login account. Please contact ASDC User Services ( if you need assistance.